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Performance Analysis from any broadcast feed using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

By Footovision  |  March 26, 2021

Skeleton tracking done on players thanks to Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence has greatly impacted the 21st Century; it's plain to see that every aspect of modern life is influenced by technology. From our smartphones and laptops to going shopping and being able to park our car automatically: Computer Vision and AI is around us everywhere. In the late 90’s and the dawn of computer science, no one could have guessed that by 2021 we would be living in a world where most functions are carried out by machines and computers in a high-tech, competitive landscape. The same precision and efficacy that these machines create for our daily life can be translated to performance analytics in the sports industry.

But how does artificial intelligence work, and how can sports benefit from such innovation? Machines equipped with AI software collect data, store that data, and continuously learn from the mistakes it has made in the past. The ability of intelligent machines possess in becoming progressively smarter is invaluable in high precision scenarios.

Modern day sports are increasingly won on the smallest of margins, hence why Data, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision have increasingly been integrated in several sports since the early 2000’s to give teams that cutting edge. The dynamic growth of AI and its increased usage in football has been rapid ever since the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Big clubs, leagues and federations integrate sports performance analysis using hi-tech tools such as software dashboards to provide valuable information for coaches, team management and video analysts in clubs & leagues.

Screenshot coming from an action during a match: away team players are tracked thanks to Artificial Intelligence, and then identifiedwith boxes around them. Also, their number, name are added, as their current speedand the distance covered since the beginning of the match.

Footovision is the first company to deliver data tracking and match analysis from a video broadcast feed using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for accurate pre-game and post-game analysis. Computer Vision is now directly applied to the same feed that thousands of fans see at home on TV to quantify player movement, ball and non-ball events, referee movement as well as fitness and tracking data.

Screenshot coming from an action during a match: team perimeters of both teams are added, as the name and current speed of away team players. The active player having the ball is highlighted.

Footovision does all of this on top of pioneering sports performance analysis solutions which we offer to elite clients. Competing with high performance players in the market, Footovision is able to supply its clients with high quality KPI’s which can all be viewed on a user-friendly dashboard which analysts can use to convey complex data and strategies in simple terms to coaches, players and anyone else in the sports industry without a background in analysis.

FootoVision’s state of the art solutions do not require any speed camera or GPS tracking devices to calculate game data for analysis; all we require is the broadcast video feed to deliver the key metrics of the match analysis. With more than 6 years of expertise in this field, Footovision has a strong R&D which makes it the benchmark for elite clients in the football field. Some problems which can be solved by Footovision:

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