Advanced solutions for betting operators and premium bettors

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Risk Management

  • Interactive and customizable
  • Multi-sport coverage
  • Automatic data integration for your entire sportsbook
  • Advanced pricing models to measure your profit, exposures and sensitivities in real-time
  • Predictive & hedging tools, back testing, what-if scenarios to mitigate your risk
  • Strengthening of your sports betting offering

Risk Management

Manage your sportsbook in one solution

Mitigate risk and financial exposure for all your outstanding bets and entire sportsbook in real-time. Make use of customizable aggregation or drill down at any level for full transparency.

Pricing and risk factors

Take advantage of advanced pricing models which compute your expected liability and payout, as well as a wide range of risk metrics and sensitivities.

Risk assessment and scenario analysis

Always stay one step ahead with our state-of-the-art what-if scenarios, hedging tools, and back testing solutions.