From data collection to video and performance analysis

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Data Collection

  • From any video feed
  • No wearable technology or in-stadium camera installation needed
  • EPTS certification from FIFA
  • Automatic detection of ball, players and referees

Video and Performance Analysis

  • 900 performance metrics
  • Compute game events with and without the ball
  • One single solution for all your pre-match, post-match and scouting analysis
  • Fully interactive and customizable solution

Data collection

Artificial Intelligence tracking from any video feed: no dedicated camera, no wearable devices.


Full tracking of players, ball and referee, collecting over 2 million data points per match.

Event detection

Detect ball and non-ball events, identify attack and defense phases of each team's actions and style of play.

Player physical performance

Monitor the intensity of a player’s performance: measure speed, acceleration, distance covered and more.

Video and performance analysis

Synchronize data from multiple sources into one single video solution, and easily export videos and tactical reports. Analyze your team, opponents, scouting network and academy in one centralized space. Ideal for:


Prepare for your next game: don’t miss any information, and reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your team as well as your opponent’s.


Acquire meaningful insight from any game event. Share reports and videos to staff or players. Monitor your players’ performances compared to other teams and leagues.


Looking for new players? With more than 900 performance metrics, we can help you identify new talents and follow their progress.


Keep track of young talents over the course of multiple seasons. Identify their strengths and weaknesses.